Managed Services

You are not an IT professional, you want to concentrate yourself on your core business and not waste time solving your server problems? We can assist you in the optimization of your IT infrastructure with a main focus on minimizing downtime and increasing security. Our managed services can start with regular updates on your website, include the management of your e-mail infrastructure or you can simply outsource your entire IT.
  • ArrowManaged Servers: Today with the numerous threats originating from the internet it is crucial that your servers are up-to-date so they can withstand most attacks. Whilst making a server a hundred percent secure is a dangerous illusion, we stay realistic and try to reduce the security risks of your servers to a minimum. Besides protecting your servers against external threats, we also monitor your server with regard to internal failures like faulty power supply or a defective hard disk drive.
  • ArrowManaged Applications: Perfectly running server hardware is one major milestone in the process of allowing you to concentrate on your core business. But what if your applications go wild? Our experts can point out the bottlenecks and misconfigurations in your setups or we can work in a preventive way in order to eliminate the problems before you notice them.
  • ArrowOutsourcing: Whilst a lot of our customers are experts in one domain there are several domains where they lack the necessary knowledge to operate their infrastructure effectively. Why not outsource those parts of your infrastructure you feel uncomfortable with? Our experience shows that outsourcing of e-mail servers is one of the most common practices as the complexity of having a flawless e-mail system is often underestimated.