• ArrowAfter placing an order, how fast will the webhosting package be available?

    If no information is missing in your order (i.e. no fake customer data), you will receive a confirmation e-mail including all needed login data within two working days.
  • ArrowWhich software is supported by the web hosting packages?

    A lot of different softwares are supported, but the most popular ones are: Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Prestashop, phpBB and Woltlab Burning Board. If you plan to use another software, feel free to contact us so we can check the compatibility with our web hosting packages.
  • ArrowWhat is the difference between Linux and Windows hosting?

    The main difference for our customers is the support for different programming languages and databases. While the .NET framework and MSSQL databases are only available on windows platforms, PostGreSQL is only supported by our linux hostings packages.
  • ArrowCan an existing webhosting package be upgraded?

    If the upgrade is within the same hosting category (for example an upgrade from SH 500 to SH 2500) this is perfectly possible. If however, you want to move to another kind of hosting (for example from standard hosting to linux pro hosting), the compatibility of your web site has to be checked first. Extra charges may apply if we have to take care of the migration process, please contact us for a quote.
  • ArrowWhen is a professionel hosting needed instead of a standard package?

    Our standard hosting infrastructure is optimized for a large number of small websites with a moderate amount of visitors. Our professionel hosting solutions, however, provide a better performance and support for enterprise features such as SSL certificates or customizable backup schedules.
  • ArrowAre files stored on the web hosting accounts backed up?

    Yes, we have scheduled daily backup tasks for every webhosting account. In standard hosting packages these backups are reserved for desaster recovery when our infrastructure fails. In case of a data loss caused by the customer, a fee may be charged upon recovery. Professional hosting solutions provide direct control for our customers over their backups. In standard hosting packages e-mail accounts are not backed up.
  • ArrowWhat is the difference between standard anti-spam and anti-spam pro?

    Standard anti-spam only includes techniques like black- or greylisting. This filter already blocks 90% of spam e-mails on average. Anti-spam pro additionally includes a content filter and gives the end customer the possibility to recover false positives and train the filter.
  • ArrowIs illegal content or linking to illegal content allowed on web hosting accounts?

    No, absolutely not. Any kind of illegal content or linking to such content may result in an immediate account suspension and termination of all business relationships with the customer.