• ArrowWhat payment methods are accepted?

    We accept VISA / Mastercard and wire transfer. You can chose the payment method at the end of the order process.
  • ArrowCan the products be paid for a longer period in advance?

    Yes, you can choose the period you want to pay in advance during the order process.
  • ArrowAre there any hidden fees?

    No, of course not. There are some options on each hosting package that cost more, but these are fully controlled during your order. If you are using more resources than included in your package, we will NOT charge extra fees, but we will first contact you in order to resolve this.
  • ArrowDoes root S.A. need exact personal data to process the order?

    Yes, absolutely. We do not accept fake customer data. We reserve the right to request a proof of idendity from the customer.
  • ArrowHow long before renewal does a product have to be cancelled?

    In case you want to cancel one of the services, we need a cancellation notification at latest one month before the renewal date.
  • ArrowHow long after receiving a bill does it have to be paid?

    A bill has to be paid within 30 days. If no payment has been made during these 30 days, you will get a reminder but your service may already get suspended and you will risk to lose your domain name forever. The suspension of the service does not exempt you from our claims.