• ArrowHow do I register a domain name?

    You can register your own domain name using our Domain Check tool. Enter your prefered domain name and let the system check if it is available. If it is still free, you can proceed with the registration.
  • ArrowHow do I transfer domain name?

    If you own a domain name that is not registred through our services, you can request to transfer it to us to facilitate it's management. Go to our Domain Name section and chose "Transfer Domain Name". The availability of the domain name will be checked and you can request it's transfer.
  • ArrowAfter placing an order, how fast will the domain name be registered?

    If no information is missing in your order (i.e. no fake customer data), your domain name should be registered within two working days.
  • ArrowHow can the domain names be managed?

    We are currently working on a new domain name management system which will allow our customers to completely manage all their domain names. Until then, you will get access to our admin panels where you can manage the DNS entries on our name servers for your domain name.
  • ArrowIs it possible to use a domain name with a service offered by root S.A.'s without transfering it?

    Yes of course this is possible. The simplest and safest way to do so is by changing the name servers of your domain name to ns1.root.lu ( and ns2.root.lu ( But before changing these you have to contact us so we can configure our name servers for your domain name. You can also use your own name servers, but you will have to configure all the records yourself.
  • ArrowHow can a domain name be cancelled?

    Domain names are automatically renewed at the end of their contract term if not canceled at least one month before their renewal date. To cancel a domain name you have to contact us by e-mail, fax or postal mail specifying the domain name and the date of cancelation. They can only be cancelled BEFORE their renewal date, which means you cannot wait until you receive your next invoice to cancel your domain name.