Dedicated Hosting

Even though our shared hosting offers provide a lot of features there are scenarios where you need a dedicated hosting solution. In case you intend to sell hosting services yourself, or if you need to run a large website which requires caching technologies for example, a dedicated hosting solution is the better choice.

A dedicated hosting solution consists of multiple elements, especially hardware, software and service, which allow to be customized to the specific needs of a customer.
  • ArrowHardware: The first choice that has to be taken is to either opt for a dedicated or a virtual server. If more than one server is required a mix of dedicated an virtual servers is also possible. The performance of a server is mainly determined by its processor(s), the amount of memory as well as the speed of the hard disks. The table below lists example prices for virtual servers. Pricing for dedicated servers are available on demand.
    per virtual CPU
    per GByte
    10GB performance
    10GB standard
    Unit price
    (per month)
    5.75 € 11.5 € 11.5 € 5.75 €
    All prices include 17% VAT. Your local VAT rate will be applied on checkout.
  • ArrowSoftware: Secondly you need to decide which operating system to use. We offer different Linux as well as Windows server operating systems. While most Linux distributions are free, licensing fees for Windows systems have to be paid on a monthly or yearly basis.
    Microsoft Licenses Price
    (per month & per CPU)
    Windows 2008R2 Web 17.50 €
    Windows 2008R2 Standard 25.00 €
    Windows 2008R2 Enterprise 80.00 €
    Windows 2008R2 Datacenter 115.00 € (min. 2 CPU)
    SQL Web 28.75 €
    All prices include 17% VAT. Your local VAT rate will be applied on checkout.

    More Microsoft software is available through the SPLA program, please contact us for details.

    For single servers we recommend either ISPCP (Linux) or Plesk (Linux or Windows). Windows installations with multiple servers may also be set up with WebSitePanel. ISPCP and WebSitePanel are free, but setup prices depend on the complexity of the system. Plesk comes with following licensing costs:
    Parallels Plesk License Price
    (per month)
    10 Domains 11.5 €
    100 Domains 28.75 €
    unlimited Domains 57.5 €
    Plus 80.5 €
    Language Pack 6.9 €
    Power Pack 19.55 €
    All prices include 17% VAT. Your local VAT rate will be applied on checkout.
  • ArrowService: Thirdly there are the different services you need on a dedicated hosting solution. This starts with bandwidth and IP addresses, backup space and can go as far as the complete management and monitoring of your infrastructure.
The great flexibility of this solution makes it impossible to determine an end price without consultation. Please contact us to make an appointment.