Linux Hosting

Professional web hosting offers you much more performance in comparison to our standard hosting products. While this service is also based on a LAMP solution, the underlying infrastructure is much more performant. Our professional web hosting solutions also support SSL certificates which are for example essential for e-commerce sites to allow your customers to communicate securely with you. We also support a larger variety of programming languages (Perl/Python) and PostgreSQL databases.

Supported Software

Supported Software
ArrowSupport for PHP, Perl and Python allows customers to rely on their favorite language.
ArrowWhile MySQL is the most widely spread database engine, PostgreSQL still has its advantages.


ArrowCustomize your backup schedule and have your files saved to a server of your choice.
ArrowSSL certificates are a must for e-commerce sites.


ArrowAn ultrafast SAS Raid10 provides high performance on I/O level.
ArrowOur web and database servers are equipped with dual Intel Nehalem quad core processors.

ArrowPackage Overview

Equipment LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
Storage 250 MB 500 MB 1000 MB 2500 MB
Subdomains 10 50 unlimited unlimited
Traffic unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Daily Backup true true true true
FTP Access true true true true
Configurable Domains 1 2 4 6
E-Mail LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
E-Mail Accounts 5 10 20 50
Aliases unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Autoresponder true true true true
Basic Anti-Spam true true true true
Anti-Spam Pro + 10 € + 20 € + 40 € + 100 €
Additionals LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
MySQL Databases 1 2 4 6
SSL Support true true true true
PHP 5 true true true true
Perl true true true true
1 PostgreSQL Database + 15 € + 15 € + 15 € + 15 €
Additional 1 GB + 100 € + 100 € + 100 € + 100 €
Online Tools LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
Webmail true true true true
Administration Panel true true true true
Site Statistics true true true true
Support LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
24h E-Mail true true true true
Phone (office hours) true true true true
Price LH 250 LH 500 LH 1000 LH 2500
Setup Free Free Free Free
Annual Fee 129 € 199 € 269 € 349 €
Order LH 250 Order LH 500 Order LH 1000 Order LH 2500
All prices include 17% VAT. Your local VAT rate will be applied on checkout.
  • Options: The additional costs are paid within the same period as the product itself.
  • Traffic: Unlimited for low-traffic websites. For high volume websites please contact us to get a customized offer.
  • Backup: We do not gurantee that database and file backups are done at exactly the same time, therefore no consistency can be guaranteed.
  • E-Mail Aliases: Although it is possible to use them to relay e-mails to e-mail accounts on external servers, we recommend to use them ony as local aliases as we can not guarantee the delivery of these e-mails to external servers.
  • Basic Anti-Spam: Only checks for IP or senders/recipients, no content filtering is performed.
  • Anti-Spam Pro: The content of your e-mails will be searched for spam, blocked e-mails can be seen in our web mail interface.
  • PHP 5: Some functions are disabled to guarantee a maximum of security on our shared hosting environment. For details, please refer to our FAQ.